Former Senator Barry Goldwater pioneered an intelligent, independent conservatism that speaks its’ mind; a tradition that – for more than 50 years – has represented the independent, open-minded spirit of Arizonans in Washington, D.C.

But now Sen. Goldwater's enduring legacy: intelligent, small-government conservatism is under fire from both sides. And while Barry Goldwater showed better than anyone how much impact one principled man can have on our state and our nation, that legacy is now under attack. Yet, it’s not just a man that can continue this legacy and that’s where Congresswoman Martha McSally steps in.

Sen. Barry Goldwater set the standard for conservatism in Arizona, and across the country. We can't afford to let that legacy fade into history. We are Westerners. We are Arizonans. We fight the good fight because we realize our efforts today determine the future for our neighbors and family, our children and grandchildren. As a former fighter pilot squadron for the U.S. Airforce, McSally has learned with sweat and effort what it takes to protect Americans.

We are the Arizona Goldwater Tradition PAC and we will work tirelessly to elect Congresswoman Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ) to the U.S. Senate – replacing retiring Sen. Jeff Flake. U.S. veteran and Congresswoman McSally has demonstrated, time and again, the essential spirit of Arizona: a spirit of honest, open, humane, and practical conservatism.

It's time we rise up once again in defense of those values. This time, we need to fight. We will fight for McSally like she fought to represent Americans during her time in congress. Just in her first term she passed nine bills through the House and two into law, something just 6% of today’s House lawmakers have been able to accomplish.

We ask you to join the battle and help us elect a remarkable woman to the U.S. Senate.

You don't have to get into a Facebook fight to support Rep. Martha McSally. Learn the facts about conservative Martha McSally’s voting record here.